June 29, 2015

More About Our History

The early days of the Foundation were focused on Bible studies and science classes for underprivileged young people in north Georgia and south Tennessee. An old barn was renovated to provide a center for classes and activities to promote higher learning. In the 1960’s and later there existed great prejudice toward blacks, and other ethnic groups in this area, including a strong bias against poor whites.   The Sanford Westcott Memorial Youth Foundation welcomed all young people and had a wonderful harmony among the students who took advantage of the program.

The Foundation provided classes in Bible, astronomy (including projects like grinding lenses and building telescopes), biology, geology, history, mountaineering, camping, photography, and other subjects without charge to the students. During the summer there was even a 10 week course in the Florida Keys on marine biology. The students pitched in to raise the needed funds and army surplus provided affordable equipment. The service was given free of charge, and helped produce many national leaders in science and other related areas.

In the 1970s the ministry expanded into offering nationwide help to churches in need of assistance with internal issues and struggles. The Church Constitution materials available in the books page are still used by pastors and churches worldwide.


Biblical Consulting Ministries

In 1977 the activities of the Sanford Westcott Memorial Youth Foundation expanded to the international focus, where consulting services were given for establishing schools, evaluating curricula, and training leaders who are helping their own people around the world in third-world nations. Crisis intervention and counseling are also offered. We named this area of the ministry of the Sanford Westcott Memorial Youth Foundation Biblical Consulting Ministries and work with churches, missions, and indigenous leaders around the world. To this date, we have visited around 50 nations and worked extensively in around 35. Great strides forward are a result of training the nationals to help their own people. Pastors in India are teaching their people to read and giving other training to help their people live a better life.