July 11, 2015


God has given me a burden to preach the word of God and to take care of orphan children” Franklin N.

India 2015 Baptism 1

A New Creation

Franklin pastors a small church filled with families from the surrounding villages. These people are hungry for God’s word and wonderful things are happening. Franklin also provides training and guidance for many pastors around him. Because of the poverty in the area, many pastors do not have the opportunity to attend a seminary for formal training. They are heavily reliant on his help to deepen their understanding of how to study God’s Word, share the gospel, and shepherd their people.



India 2015 Orphanage 1

Smiles and New Blankets

The children’s home Franklin oversees gives a safe place to grow and provides nourishing food, schooling, and most importantly a constant opportunity to learn more about Jesus’ love and mercy. There are children who come knocking at the door asking to stay. Your support makes it possible to bring these children in and give them a new life.







India 2015 Village meet 2

Night meeting in the street.

VillagIndia 2015 Village meet 4e meetings bring hundreds out to hear God’s word. Many hear about Christ for the first time in their lives and accept him as Savior. As new groups of believers grow in these villages, traveling pastors under our support come to visit on a regular basis and continue teaching them more about God’s word and how to follow Him.