July 29, 2015


John Wahogo is a pastor / teacher in Nairobi Kenya. He leads his church as well as training pastors around Kenya and neighboring countries including Tanzania. He has been working with BCM since 1989. He has been faithful through many dangers to himself and his family. His wife was killed in the Embassy bombing in Nairobi, his daughter was kidnapped by Somalis and rescued by U.N. troops. Through these and many more struggles he has been an unwavering leader and teacher to those around him.

Wahogo 2A

John (second from right) with Other Volunteer Seminary Teachers

Because many pastors are poor and cannot afford to travel to a seminary and pay for courses, John takes his seminary training to them. He arranges seminars that pastors can attend for free and gives them the tools and insights needed to lead their people. These pastors need broad training in leadership, but everything centers around God’s word. John makes sure they have a clear understanding of the truth of Christ. His goal is to reach the unreached through those he trains. He is always praying for more people to commit to learning and asking for helpers to join him in building up church leadership.

Wahogo 6C

Seminary Graduation

Wahogo 3A

Massai Woman with Her Child at Open Seminar





Another part of the ministry is seminars that are open to all. It is exciting to see people attending these become stronger year by year. Some come in out of curiosity and accept Christ. Massai are a nomadic tribe. Some are believers who come to these seminars and even attend the regular seminary training, then take the word with them as they travel.


A central goal of our work is to provide John (and other leaders lke him) with all of the resources he needs including personally walking alongside him, encouraging, answering questions, and building him up as he works to build up so many around him. He is a great example of Paul’s charge to Timothy that he should take the training he had received from Paul and pass it on to those who would faithfully continue to teach others; teaching teachers as he also leads his own church.