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There is much to tell, so I will begin briefly, and tell more in future posts.


I am continuing to learn the ins and outs of the foundation and what it takes to keep things going. Your donations help us to support God’s work around the world. I operate with no office and no salary, so overhead is very little. Because of this we can maximize the amount of donated money that goes directly to the needs of the ministry. I am also studying ┬áin preparation for a pastors’ conference in Haiti. It is exciting to think of seeing Daniel again and meeting so many brothers and sisters. Pray that I will be an encouragement to the believers and a help to Pastor Daniel. Haiti 2 16 Gospel Meetings 65 savedThe addition of a balcony is moving along, but they are being patient and proceeding with each phase only as the money comes in. Pray that they can quickly complete this so they can fit all the people into the building. The church is growing quickly with dozens of people being saved on a regular basis. During their latest Gospel meetings for the community 65 people came to accept Christ.

In India, Franklin has been traveling outside the city. This means time away from his family and the safety of home. I do not say from the comforts of home because it is a very real danger.

India 12 15 Village meeting

After sharing with groups from the village, Franklin often talks to individuals who have questions.

He has been traveling through tiger country and has returned home safe with stories of God’s faithfulness and reports of many following Christ. Time is spent sharing the gospel with those who wish to hear, and meeting again with christian brothers and sisters who are growing and learning. It is also a time for sharing simple things like blankets and medical help.

India 12 15 blankets


Pray for John Wahogo who is taking his own seminary training and passing it on free of charge to those ministering in many different countries in the southern half of Africa. He is faithfully teaching those who will pass it on to others as Paul encouraged Timothy and as my Father so often reminded me. The leaders he trains have no way to pay for a seminary education and are excited to have the training to lead God’s people with a clearer knowledge of His word. John wrote recently to encourage me and to let me know that he has not forgotten the lessons he learned from my father and that the ministry will continue. Pray that he will be able to finish his training soon and that he will have safety in his travels.