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Aiding Grassroots Efforts Internationally

The Sanford Westcott Foundation collaborates with activists, educators and organizations worldwide who have a history of excellent service in their community. In order to aid them in their long-standing efforts to support education, opportunity and economic growth, the Westcott Foundation provides funding, resources and services they would otherwise find difficult to acquire. By partnering with local leaders in their schools, orphanages and churches, the foundation hopes to engage in a sustainable partnership model of international non-profit engagement, that ultimately allows flourishing of the communities themselves, completely or almost completely independent of international assistance. We are a non-profit, tax exempt 501c3 corporation for educational, charitable, and religious purposes. The Sanford Westcott Foundation was established in 1963 to help underprivileged young people in North Georgia and South Tennessee, providing them with the resources needed to pursue studies beyond what was offered in the public schools. Since then, the focus of the foundation has shifted to our international partners. However, it is our hope to soon be able to return to our roots, adding support to our home of Hamilton County, TN to our International priorities. Biblical Consulting Ministries is also a ministry of Sanford Westcott Foundation.

  • Approximately 60% of Funds Support Education in Haiti

  • Approcimately 30% of Funds Supports Orphan Care in India

  • Approximately 10% of Funds Support Leadership Training and Education in Kenya

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Aiding Grassroots efforts internationally